Shedding Light on Ticket 34 and 35

The intention of this document is to:

  • Give the public information of the timeline of events and what happened;
  • Clear the accusations made by Mr. Zubair Fazal (〖ƝƁƘ〗✧Ṃ!ṨҬ!Ḱ✧#0001).


Akshit Kumar - Publisher of this release.
Developers Hub - Outsourcing organization.
StormEye - Owner of Developers Hub.
Zubair Fazal - Customer @ Developers Hub.
Yanko - Former Developer @ Developers Hub.
Kama - Developer @ Developers Hub.
PlayerOne - Developer @ Developers Hub.

Course of important events

This list entails all major events that took place in regards to Mr. Zubair Fazal’s order.


Mr. Zubair places an order with Developers Hub and is assigned a developer.


Mr Zubair is given an ETA of 5 weeks for the order to be completed by StormEye. StormEye informs Mr. Zubair about change of developer for the bot and assigns the bot’s development to PlayerOne.


StormEye adds Yanko as a secondary developer.


StormEye informs Mr. Zubair that work on his order has begun and will be completed in two weeks.


Yanko previously informed there are issues with his work laptop. Mr. Zubair informs Developers Hub that his bot will require slash commands alongside legacy commands. StormEye displays displease and claims Mr. Zubair did not inform of this requirement before and this will cost extra. Mr. Zubair informs Developers Hub he will require the bot to support both legacy and slash commands. Yanko claims he will be unable to integrate both types of commands in the bot.


Mr. Zubair questions StormEye about the deadline stating it is will be due next day, i.e., 22/09/2021. StormEye informs Mr. Zubair the order will be delayed due to the developer having issues with his work PC and slash commands. Mr. Zubair requests an ETA and is given 1-2 weeks by Yanko.


I am assigned to develop the dashboard once the bot is completed.


Yanko informs issues with his work PC and Mr. Zubair claims the deadline is the next day (30/09/2021).

Please note Yanko stated the ETA as 2 weeks but Mr. Zubair does not comprehend the concept of time.


Mr. Zubair claims if the bot is not completed by 07/10/2021 he would demand a refund.


The order is not completed and Mr. Zubair displays displease with the service provided by Developers Hub.


After getting several roundabouts from Yanko, I am finally assigned to this order and I begin development work after studying ProBot briefly. I am offered $130 to write a bot with features that of ProBot. I consider this insulting and request a requote and the new price is set to $450.


I have written 85% of the bot and the dashboard as per Mr. Zubair’s satisfaction. Mr. Zubair seems to be in no hurry for the bot to be completed and has neither requested nor has been given any ETA.


I cease all development work due to a personal, family related, emergency.

24/01/2022 - 27/01/2022

I request Mr. Zubair to show a little compassion and understand the order will be delayed due to my family emergency.


Mr. Zubair requests a demo of the bot and the dashboard. I, being in no state to work inform the project will be delayed. Mr. Zubair being the inconsiderate & entitled person he is, demands to know when he will be able to test out the latest version of the bot, he is told I would let him know as soon as possible. Mr. Zubair demands a date and I have none as of now because of being in a state of mourning. I request him to wait, he demands a refund. He requests the code be delivered to him, he is told if he is given the code it shall be considered the final settlement for the order and no transactions will be made between him and me; he agrees and the code is released to him. As soon as the code is delivered to him, he opens a claim on PayPal.


Mr. Zubair is banned from Developers Hub due to misconduct and unsolicited direct messages he sent to members of the server.


I will not be providing any conclusion to this, these are just hard facts stated by me to you, the reader.